Shooting with JAUME
Hello! Thank you to you for being interested in my work! :) Further down, you will find a list of prices divided into several packs according to different needs. Once you have found the pack that suits you, you can contact me either by Instagram (@jau_m_) or via my email:
We will then discuss your desires, the photos that inspire you and especially what could, at best, correspond to you. Keep in mind that, even if my work pleases you, you must first ask yourself if this style corresponds to you, to your personality, at the risk of being disappointed by the final result!
Once we agree on a theme, I take the time to make a little Moodboard to give you an idea of the final result. If you like the Moodboard we can then schedule the shoot!

The Shooting
The day of the shoot (or before), it is strongly advised to tell me whether you have a preferred profile or any complexes that you would like to avoid or highlight in the photos.
Once at the meeting point, we will take 10 minutes to get to know each other better and above all to make you feel comfortable. From there, I will explain to you in a few words how the shoot will take place, the ideas that come to my mind. I will always have our Moodboard with me and also a folder with several inspirations to pose, so that we are not lost at any point. Moreover, if you do not feel comfortable enough to come alone, you can come with somebody. He/she may end up being the shooting assistant!
During the session I will show you from time to time the result of the photos, so that you can have an idea of how it is going.

After the Shooting
We will select the photos to be edited depending on the pack you previously chose. As soon as your selection is made, I will work on them!
The waiting time may vary depending on the number of photos to edit (among others). However, the maximum time you will need to wait will be 2 weeks.
Once they are finished, you will receive either an email with the photos or link via Wetransfer in case the files are too big.


Bronze Pack - 75€
5 edited photos | 1-2 outfits | 1-2h duration
Silver Pack - 140€
10 edited photos | 1-4 outfits | 1-2h duration
Gold Pack - 210€
15 edited photos | 1-5 outfits | 2-3h duration

If the shoot location is further than 40km from my location, a fee for travelling expenses may be added.
Note: The duration of the shoot is suggested, it may vary from shoot to shoot. We can of course stay a little longer if needed. Also, if you have special requirements or others that are not listed here, do not hesitate to ask me!

To consider
I do not send photos that have not been edited, they are not representative of my work.
About the shooting location: I do not own a studio, it is not my style of photography. I use to shoot outdoors or at apartments where the light looks more natural. If you wish to shoot indoors, it will be nice if you have an apartment (or any other location you like) in mind. Otherwise, I may me able to propose a small apartment in Mons (Belgium).
Please, identify my account if you share the photos.